About Karpaten Meat

ANGUS premium beef from organic pasture production


Angus cattle, Romanian organic pastures and Swiss tradition – these are the trademarks of Karpaten Meat Romania. We produce high quality beef with Angus cattle, bred on natural pastures in Transylvania. With Swiss know-how and tradition of agriculture, livestock breeding and meat processing, the founders of Karpaten Meat provide optimal natural thoroughbred cattle and a proper meat processing. The premium beef will be commercialized in Romania and Western Europe.


Partner Program


Karpaten Meat seeks reliable partners for the development of an Angus mother cow breeding – production network at national level. To build up their own ANGUS herd, our partners can purchase from us ANGUS breeding cattle: heifers over 12 months old, pregnant heifers and breeding bulls with top genetics. We offer our knowledge, the technical and logistical support, and fair prices. By contract, we can guarantee the repurchase of the weaned calves resulted from reproduction.


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To our success contributes our partnership with the ANGUS GROUP company from Germany, system provider in terms of ANGUS knowledge. Angus Group system provides support from genetics and breeding (CATTLE) to meat (BEEF) and marketing (TRADING).