Consumers ask beef producers for transparency, quality and consistency in production – a wish we support and respect by applying the “Quality Guaranteed by Angus Group” brand programme, a programme which is active internationally. Our Angus beef deserves your trust.


The entire production system – from grass to beef – is a controlled and monitored process. Everything starts from top genetics, followed by appropriate breeding, farm management, natural foraging, slaughtering at the highest standards, specialized cutting and processing. This complete system guarantees a beef with a high degree of marbling, tenderness and a unique taste, which stands out without exception at all beef tasting events worldwide.


Being part of the Swiss meat quality management ensures that the cattle are raised according to environment and animal protection norms.

These management regulations are applied and thoroughly respected in the cattle husbandry system this beef comes from. Quality is managed and monitored at every step throughout the entire process and certified Quality Guaranteed by Angus Group, an international Angus quality system recognized for its high standard of beef quality production. This guarantees that all our customers receive premium Angus beef, of greater tenderness, improved texture and unique in taste.


The production process is followed closely from farm to slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging, so that quality engineers of Angus Group Quality Guaranteed monitor the entire process and carcass grading, therefore ensuring product identity and quality, according to international standards recognized by premium beef connoisseurs. The certification seal is proof of the entire process.