Improving cattle breeds

To improve cattle breeds and obtain calves with superior traits, at Karpaten Meat we have seminal material carefully selected from champion bulls, recognised worldwide. The bulls we select seminal material from have proven good results, recognised at European level.

Karpaten Meat offers for sale Angus seminal material with high genetic potential, for breeding, consultancy in bull selection and improving production performance, both in beef cattle, and for the Fleckvieh breed.

More details about the bulls from which the semen was selected can be found below:

Nr. Nume taur Nr. Crotal Cod tauri Nume tată Caracteristici
1. DM BOYFRIEND F883 (AA) 204334  53067 Australia TemaniaBartel B219

The Steakmaker

• În topul liderilor cu caracteristici extraordinare ale musculaturii spatelui în Anglia, Australia, Noua Zeelanda
• Top 1 % grăsime intramusculară
• 132 cm2 EMA – suprafaţă musculară a spatelui cu 12 luni şi 612 kg greutate la viu

2. DM EU-TIGER F726 (AA) 204333 53065 Canadian Champion SireHF Tiger 5T

Ideal pentru viţele

• Fătări uşoare cu gestaţie mai scăzută
• În 2008 campion la Canadian Summer
• În 2009 marele campion al World Angus Forum

3. DM TIGER G183 (AA)  07183 Canadian Champion SireHF Tiger 5T


• Recomandat pentru producția de carne de vită premium, marmorare și productivitate

• Recomandat pentru încrucișări datorită fătărilor ușoare

Cross-breeding Angus with Romanian Pied Simmental

Cross-breeding Angus with Romanian Pied Simmental is successfully used to obtain a medium-sized beef calf with superior traits and high growth performance, with a high average daily weight gain through suckling and grazing, born without complications and with high slaughter yield. The cross-bred calf is a product resistant to extreme conditions, adapted to extensive cattle husbandry, on grassland, with high grass feed efficiency.


Breeding for efficiency

Nowadays, cattle breeding in view of obtaining a high-performing product is more and more often achieved through assisted breeding techniques. For this, one can opt for natural breeding with champion bulls or using frozen seminal material from high-quality and high genetic value Angus Aberdeen bulls, in order to have calves with high average daily weight gain through suckling and grazing. In this way, genetic progress can be achieved faster and the farm will enjoy increased profitability through high-achieving traits.  


To order seminal material send a request at or dial 0040-269-232977.

Outstanding results for us and our partners


For the breeding cattle reared in a suckler cow system, besides ingenious production techniques, just as crucial is a genetics that is well adapted to location and that meets market demands. The selection is made using the global gene pool of the Aberdeen Angus breed. Besides standard testing, we also use additional selection methods, like ultrasound measurements of muscle areas and genetic testing regarding meat tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency.


The Angus seminal material is focused on both increasing the improvement value of cattle and meeting the farmer’s needs, aiming to add both genetic and financial value, therefore increasing the farm’s profitability.

Karpaten Meat wants calves that are healthy, fast-growing and yield a carcass with excellent meat. These calves will be contributing to further outstanding results for us and our partners, in order to obtain a competitive market price.


You can find further details on the seminal material we sell in the following sales catalogues:


  Catalogue Seminal Material ANGUS  

  Catalogue Seminal Material Fleckvieh