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Since 2008, we, the team from Karpaten Meat Group, have been laying the foundation of Angus beef production in Romania. Our production system involves all stages, from calving, rearing, fattening and specialized beef processing. The present-day Karpaten Meat Romania farms group comprises one Angus cattle breeding farm, two fattening farms and one for quarantine and import/export. These farms have a bovine population of about 3500 head effectively in breeding, and about 3500 head effectively in fattening.

Our motto for beef production is: less shed and more pasture, or “from grass to premium beef”, and describes our complete system covering all production stages: starting with environmentally friendly grazing, continuing with the rearing and fattening of Angus cattle, up to the beef processing stage.

For the past years, we have successfully embarked on Angus cattle breeding, fattening and sales, and Angus beef sales, respectively, as a complete system.

Karpaten Meat

  • We rear exclusively Angus breed cattle
  • We cultivate our pastures following environmentally friendly criteria
  • We closely follow European rules for organic farming and Bio Suisse criteria
  • We produce the necessary forage for our animals
  • Only the best Angus bulls are used for breeding
  • All our cows and heifers are bred naturally by our breeding bulls
  • We rear balanced and harmoniously built cattle


Karpaten Meat Trading


  • Angus cattle feed is highly efficient on a forage diet and provides high yield in fattening and slaughter.


Karpaten Meat Siebenbürgen

Premium beef and top genetics provider


  • Establishing an Angus beef production system in Romania.
  • Establishing an Angus network (partnership programme).
  • Placing Angus beef on the Romanian market.
  • Sales of premium Angus beef on the European market.
  • Angus beef is among the world’s favourite types of beef.
  • Angus cattle produce tender and finely marbled beef.
  • Good meat production only through grazing.


Superior quality is present in everything we do.



Committed to deliver quality and integrity.



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