Import de Aberdeen Angus din Scoția la ferma Karpaten Meat

The Aberdeen Angus Association writes about Karpaten Meats import of 120 Aberdeen Angus mother cows and they are looking forward to a future collaboration.


Big export of Aberdeen-Angus to Romania


One of the biggest exports of Aberdeen-Angus cattle has been completed this week with the shipment of 120 yearling heifers to Romania.


The cattle have been purchased by Hexham-based genetics company, Eggs-Port Ltd, on behalf of a client who is expanding his 500-cow herd to meet the growing demand for quality Aberdeen-Angus beef in Eastern Europe and Russia.


Two truck loads have already arrived in Romania and a third is due to leave on Tuesday (August 2)




The consignment comprises 54 head from Glenbervie Home Farm, Glenbervie, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, 37 from Alex and Wendy Sanger, Prettycur, Montrose, Angus, and 29 from Duff Burrell, Broome Park, Alnwick, Northumberland.


“There is huge interest in the British native beef breeds, particularly Aberdeen-Angus, throughout Europe and is the first of what we hopewill be ongoing business with Romania,” said Sheila Eggleston of Eggs-Port.


“The buyer intends to expand his herd to 2000 cows and plans to buy more breeding cattle from the UK in the future.”


“The exchange rate is favourable at the moment and we are getting enquiries on an almost daily basis from potential buyers in several European countries looking for Aberdeen-Angus and the other British native breeds because of their easy keep and easy calving advantages,” said Ms Eggleston.


“There is a massive demand for quality beef in the growing economies of Eastern Europe to satisfy a discerning niche market.”