Fixed fences on the pastures for the Angus cattle

Karpaten Meat started to build with Patura (www.Patura.de) fixed fences on the pastures for the Angus cattle. The advantage of these fences is their long lifetime of 15 to 20 years. These fences are created once and remain there throughout the year not influenced by external conditions, temperature or bad weather. These fix fences are very resistant and durable. The piles are made of acacia wood and are cut to approximately 2.5m in length and have a diameter of 10-20cm. The stakes are buried about 1m in the ground, which gives the necessary strength to the fence. Between the acacia piles at a distance of approximately 8 meters a wood late is being installed. Depending on the need between 1 and 4 wires are assembled, which are attached with special long-lasting conductors.