Semen material for Angus and Romanian Simmental

Since recently, we offer semen material of Angus and Simmental bulls for sale. The bull semen is the very latest genetics and comes from international champions. The Angus bull semen is recommended for heifers production, for calving ease, and is used for the production of premium meat, meatiness and for its good frame. We import the bull semen from Germany, in partnership with Bavaria genetics from Grub / Munich.


More details about the bulls from which the semen comes from, can be found on the following links:
Angus Brochure
Brochure Fleckvieh

For the purchase of semen material or information about our partner programs, call us at: 0269/232 767, write to us at info@karpaten-meat.com, or fill out the following formand send it by email or fax 0269 /232717.