Now “Black Angus” beef can be found also in premium Mega Image stores

Currently you can find Black Angus beef also in Mega Image stores in Bucharest. Premium cuisine is looking for quality beef and Black Angus assortments are the perfect choice to meet these standards. The strong red-meat of Angus cattle has a fine, hearty flavor. The tender and fine-marbled beef is in demand in high gastronomy restaurants and in the premium retail sector. The premium beef from Karpaten Meat is produced on pastures in Transylvania. Production of natural pasture-fed beef is economical and environmentally worthwhile. Compared to the intensive fattening ways with concentrates, the weight gain with grazing takes longer, but it gives meat tenderness and perfect taste. 

We would like to cover more stores in the country to meet the high demand for quality beef from both restaurants and from private individuals.