Karpaten Meat – awarded at CARNEXPO 2013

CARNEXPO was an exhibition that led Karpaten Meat company to productive discussions and partnerships for the ANGUS programs as well as marketing potential for Angus beef. The presence at the fair was a complete appearance, Karpaten Meat stand was joined by Integra stand, our partners for Angus beef processing and marketing. Thus one could follow the entire Angus beef production chain, a system that starts with organic grass from the Transylvanian pastures to carcasses with very good meat yield to tender and finely marbled beef cuts. Visitors were pleased with the tender and juicy beef and Angus T-Bone Steak and the Angus Burger, that they have tasted at the fair. Following Industria Cărnii awarded Karpaten Meat Company for “Excellence in Innovation” for the launch of this new product on the quality beef  market, Black Angus.