The international auction for Aberdeen ANGUS in Wertingen / Gundelfingen – a real interest also for the Romanian Farmers

Yet again has the organizer of the Aberdeen Angus Auction managed to set an attractive selection of breeding animals together. The auction consisted of 64 heifers and 10 bulls, all originating from first-class Aberdeen ANGUS bloodlines. Within 90 minutes in groups of 3 and 4 heifers all breeding animals have been offered without exception.


The 3rd Aberdeen Angus Auction in Wertingen Germany saw a 100% clearance for the 74 cattle sold in the seven EU countries – Serbia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. Pre-sale preparation had been carried out by Sheila Eggleston of Eggs-Port who sourced and arranged the purchase and export to Germany of the 64 heifers and 10 bulls prepared for the Auction.


The cattle originated from 12 different UK herds. The trade peak was at 4500 euros obtained by the bull “Mr. Netherton Columbian M725” and for the heifer “The Moss Felucca N 250” the trade prince of € 3,000 was obtained. The average price of the bulls was € 3,800 and for the heifers at € 2,250. The auction was a success with a great interest of an expert audience.


By organizing such events ANGUS Group creates to the other European breeders the opportunity to increase their ANGUS herds. An Angus business must start with the best genetics in order to satisfy the needs of quality beef production. The aim is to offer the right genetics for the respetive site. The principle “from grass to beef” is  for the ANGUS breed a basic requirement.


The ANGUS Group offers global genetics, based mainly on Scottish and Australian embryos. ANGUS Group offers a an entire production systems starting from genetics, to breeding and marketing of beef, a unique trademark in Europe. This was documented again by the success of this event.


Plans are already in place for next year’s sale as the event is recognized as the showcase of UK Aberdeen Angus in Europe. Commenting on the event, the President of Aberdeen Angus society and sale vendor Russell Taylor said that growing interest from all over Europe made the third sale a tremendous success. “The cattle were turned out in excellent condition and met with very favorable comments from prospective buyers.”


At home with friends

Under the motto “home with friends” the warmth could be felt in the two events on Friday and Saturday. The mood for the weekend was reached on Friday evening at the “Cattle Dinner”. The evening was accompanied by a live band and an attractive dance routine. On Saturday a band from Swabia entertained the international guests. The highlight was certainly the dinner organized by Jutta Delle and her team, a real treat for any beef lover. The buffet at the center of interest that could be compared with a culinary fireworks. Towards the end of the event, Bernhard Delle thanked all parties involved in the great success of this “Auction”.


In Europe nowadays we speak ANGUS

Without exaggeration it can be said that one can speak of a European ANGUS family in the meantime. Above all, the new participants were able to confirm this impression. This long term friendships across Europe have emerged, which are unique in this industry.