Good opportunities for the purchase of Aberdeen Angus cattle

Once the autumn season starts, Karpaten Meat Farm can provide Aberdeen Angus females and bulls with high genetics. The cattle come from our own farm or  imported from different countries like Germany, Scotland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Certainly, the number of cattle proposed for marketing by Karpaten Meat, as well as their quality, will meet the requirements of the market.

All offered cattle have certificates of origin and can be individually selected from the farm, located in Marpod, Sibiu County.

For guaranteed success of an Angus farm, the genetics of the breeding cattle deserves special focus. Angus cattle are recognised for features that make a real difference to the efficiency of a cattle farm, like: extensive cattle husbandry, resistance to extreme conditions, easy calving, high yield in product growth, issuing of certification at slaughter and, last but not least, premium beef due to high marbling. Truly, the genetic value of Angus cattle can best be felt on the market.