This year, like every one before, Karpaten Meat Group wanted to bring joy to the community in which it operates.  Out of the desire to encourage children’s education, this winter, before the holidays, the team from Karpaten Meat decided to help the school from Nochrich, a village from Hârtibaciu Valley.


December 18 marked a new start for the students from Nochrich. The informatics lab in their school was equipped with the high-performance computers that were needed for the classes.  Besides the 11 specially configured units, the donation also included books for the school’s library and bean bags for the lecture room. More than 100 people, including students, teachers and parents, attended the event. Also present were the mayor of Nocrich, Jrs. Visa Ionel and one of the KMG founders – Stefan Jung.


We wanted the students around us, who will be the future of the community in which we now live, to have the chance of a complete and enjoyable education. Only the education done out of pleasure, brings results and sparks the children’s passion for learning. On one hand, this is constantly provided by the teachers who are involved in creative activities, constantly launching educational challenges (from mapping projects, creative recycling or theater and screenings). On the other hand, for all these activities to be successful, good, practical materials are needed.


The laboratory and library spaces, that already exist, cannot assure the students’ present needs. “We are very happy to have this help, especially since this year the computer science classes were included in the curriculum and we did not have the necessary equipment. Now our children have no excuse not to learn”, jokes Mrs. Filip Marieta – one of the parent representatives.


Since December, the computer lab has turned into a true technical development space. The kids were excited and already planning their step-by-step lessons to build up their future successes in computer science. On the other side of the hall, the reading space immediately caught the student attention.  Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, technical books or books about religion and culture, everyone has chosen one of their favorite books that meet their curiosity.


The KMG team also had a surprise from the pupils, so “you come here again” said the school principal, Nicoara Ionela-Luiza. Students of several classes have prepared a small Christmas music program. They performed Christmas carols adapted to exciting rhythms, but also traditional songs, under the careful guidance of two conductors from the Elijah Association.


We enjoyed a welcoming event that lasted not more than an hour, but brought the members of the local community closer. They also brought hope to those who daily dedicate themselves to educate the children from Nocrich and from the neighboring villages.