Constantly, animal imports are taking place at Karpaten Meat Group. Whether they come from Scotland, Ireland, Germany or Czech Republic, the cattle that make up our heard are carefully selected to fit the high-quality standard that we want to maintain. All the animals that come from the 5 farms on the Hârtibaci Valley are vaccinated and tested. Our breeding experts analyze the documents, each Pedigree is being sorted according to the parental and maternal performance and their improvement values. All these things are verified in the Breed plan program.


New transports of breeding calves or bulls are always expected to arrive, as there is always a demand for purchase on the Romanian market. With each new import, we can support the development of our partners, so we can participate in a general improvement of the Angus breed in the country.


We want this sector to have a constant growth, in quantity, but above all in quality, consequently we provide our knowledge accumulated over the years, technical and logistical support and as well fair-trade offers. We stand close by those who are interested in starting or expanding an Angus cattle business and we provide information, news and details about the important topics of this field.


On our website you can see the available cattle and at request, based on prior appointment, the desired animals can be individually selected from the farm situated in Marpod, Sibiu.


You can contact us by e-mail at info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977. After your purchasing visit, the necessary documentation is prepared and the delivery details are established.