The cold season is almost over and while waiting for spring, new plans and also new development opportunities are in sight for the Romanian farmers.


Those interested in a business with top genetics Angus cattle, will surely enjoy the next period to plan this year’s investments. So, because successful plans are not done overnight, Karpaten Meat Group has prepared two group offers. This acquisition can either represent a good start for new farms or can provide an increase in cattle numbers, both at the time of the purchase but also for a long period of time, since each group has a bull.


30 heifers –  12 months old, together with Angus bull, genetic line from Ireland 75.000 EURO, VAT included


30 heifers aged between 15-24 months together with Angus bull, mixed genetic from Europe 65.000 EURO, VAT included


All cattle from our farm, in Hârtibaciului Valley, are vaccinated and tested to date, free of IBR and have certificates of origin proving their genetic history (Pedigree). Also, all animals are eligible for subsidies, offering the possibility of being registered with the NTA (transitional national aid).


The desired animals can be individually selected from our farm in Marpod, Sibiu County, based on prior appointment. You can contact us by e-mail at: info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977. During the visit each buyer can choose the animals that match his/hers requirements and after that, the necessary documentation is prepared and the delivery details are established.