The Aberdeen Angus breed brings many benefits to farmers helping them growing financially, but also from the perspective of the way they live.


Here are the main characteristics of the race


For the farm and to enjoy all these characteristics of the breed, it is very important to select the animals when purchasing them or to evaluate them correctly on sale. Look at the animals in their natural environment, from multiple angles, so you can observe all the details and if their characteristics fit this breed. Here are the main points in the correct assessment of Angus cattle.


Main characteristics:
– The bulls must be robust, with strong conformation and whole carcass
– the teeth should be properly grown and the bite should be right
– Testicles of the appropriate size according to age (30 cms at 12 months, 32 cms at 18 months, 34 cms at 24 months)

– the rear legs should be straight and well proportioned

– their lateral curvature is average

– the ankle angle can support the weight of the animal

– straight and parallel hooves, without falling

– the udder of the females does not show abnormalities

These are the points underlying the evaluation of Angus cattle and these can help any farmer willing to start a business in the field. If at first their tracking can sometimes be difficult, while gaining experience, observing will be a balance of traits that becomes easier.