The opportunities for responsible exploitation of unused pastures in Romania are still very high and this allows a continuous development in the zootechnical field.

At Karpaten Meat Group we support the sustainable development of our partners and we want all entrepreneurs working in this area and together with the Angus farms to build profitable business. This is the reason why we support our partner farmers and launch a new beneficial program for them. Just as the results of a job do not come from one day to the next, no spontaneous management will have long-term positive effects. Starting with this period, Romanian farmers, Aberdeen Angus breeders can provide the herd of pregnant cattle that they want for the autumn of this year. September and October are marked by a high demand and the availability at European level is very low. This, in addition to the obvious risk due to a market where demand exceeds supply, also has an increase in the purchase price, which must be covered by farmers who decide to supplement the ranks of the animals.


How does the pregnant cattle program work?

– Calculate the number of pregnancies you want and reserve them by order now.

– Pay the booking advance to make sure you have the desired animals in autumn.

– In September / October, we select the Angus cattle we want, directly from our farm, before delivery.


What are the main reasons why it is effective to buy pregnant cattle during autumn?

– Their gestation period is 9 months, pregnant cattle will be slaughtered in the spring months.

– The resulting calves feed directly on the pasture, benefiting from all the nutritional qualities of fresh vegetation.

– Moderate temperatures minimize the risks of calving.

– The cost of maintaining produced calves is 0, ensuring a very efficient management.

– Possibility of assigning cattle for subsidies.


In addition to all these benefits from the booking and purchase of gestation, through the partnership program we guarantee the redemption of the produced calves, according to the specified conditions in the contract. The calf redemption guarantee reduces the partner’s risks and provides it with a cost-effective market. Investments are so depreciated in a relatively short time and at the same time confident our partner, being exempt from extra costs for feed and labor.