At the end of last week, the International Scientific Conference “Livestock Breeding – Traditions, Biodiversity and Experience” took place in Sliven, Bulgaria. This event was organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture on the occasion of taking over the presidency of the agricultural sector within the European Union. The first part of the conference was a technical one and it was dedicated to agriculture specialists. The second part of the conference was an exhibition of animals – cattle, sheep, horses and other small animals.


Karpaten Meat team represented the beef sector, alongside Angus Group Germany and the officials of the Romanian National Animal Husbandry Agency and the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Romanian Delegation – supported and presented the Aberdeen Angus breed in Romania and the potential for developing a similar center on the pastures in Bulgaria. At Karpaten Meat stand came farmers, who were interested in developing an Angus business in Bulgaria, showing the high grazing potential of this country.


Bulgaria ranks 17th place in Europe in terms of the total number of cattle, namely 4% of the total cattle herd owned by France and 16th place in Europe in terms of the number of beef cattle. Bulgaria’s potential is to reach a comparable level to that of France, because it has all the advantages for this business: good pastures, agricultural history and investment potential.