On the 4th of May at our farm in Marpod the biggest event of Angus cattle breeders in the country took place. It is the second event of this type that we have organized in the last 10 years in Romania. Over 170 farmers were present on Friday at the event, under the name of Partners Day, a commercial and informative event for the Angus cattle breed, an important sector in Romania. The event was dedicated to our partners and enjoyed a real success due to the presence of so many farmers and their interest in working together to continue the Angus production system.


This event aimed at debating the major challenges faced by this sector, discussing the development strategy of the Angus cattle sector, partnership programs and future plans and strategies of our group of companies.


The event’s program included both, specialist Angus genetics presentations, descriptions of the Breedplan system, the necessary veterinary treatments on the Angus farm as well as presentations of the characteristics of this premium beef and information on maintaining a high level of quality throughout the production system, maximizing business efficiency and profitability.


One of the peak points of the meeting was the presentation of the new Leasing Bull partnership program and a visit to our farms, presenting the new investments and the implemented technologies, as well as tasting an Angus barbeque menu.


10 years passed since we started this business in Romania and since then we have grown together with our partners year by year, not only an Angus cattle breeding farm, but also a partnership, friendship, an Angus family. So, one of the purposes of this meeting was to thank our partners for joining us on this road, together we managed to fill up the Romanian pastures with over 33,000 Angus cattle and to further develop this animal husbandry sector. Not long ago, in 2013, exactly 5 years ago we organized the 1st Angus Beef Day in Romania. Then, at that event, our company’s goal was that in the coming years in Europe people would not talk about the Angus beef from Pampas / Argentina, but Angus beef from Romania. We believe that the foundations for the realization of this goal are already created and that we are on the right track, together with our partners, we will make Romania a strong premium beef producer and trader.