In Angus farms, as in any other agricultural business, the good running of the business depends on all the implications of a proper management. Step by step and element with element builds a base network, that puts the farm in operation and provides it with maximum efficiency, with low maintenance costs. It is recommended for those working in this field that besides the importance of genetics they have to understand the impact, that farm organization has, on daily activity maintenance and implicitly on profitability.


This is where their word is the acquisition of adequate technical equipment, which have tested and proven their utility over time.


In addition to the well-known programs offered by the Karpaten Meat farm (product acquisition partnership program, funding program, pregnancy reservation program and acquisition reform), we support partner farmers and the technical needs for a profitable management.


We recommend and offer the same technical facilities that we use, tested over the 10 years of activity and which have deal with the stringent tests they have submitted. Also based on these technical articles, we also have the opportunity to support farmers interested in applying for European projects.


Our technical requirement proposal is adapted to each case, taking into account the characteristics and needs of the partner farms and their staff, the offer being based on the recommended minimum per head of numbers.


Having the experience of years of activity and the know-how of raising an Angus cattle farm, we know the difficulties of this type of business and we come to the courageous entrepreneurs who recognize the still high potential of our country and capitalize on it.