Romania’s ecological pastures, the knowledge of the rural population and the increase in the potential for beef are added to the list of reasons why a business in this field can be very cost-effective for Romanian farmers.


The activity of any farmer is cyclical, yearly actions are required to maintain the herd and to increase it. All his are dictated by the season and by the market fluctuations. An efficient and cost-effective management implies, in addition, to know all the detail and the characteristics of the breed, a knowledge and insight into the exchanged market, the trading possibilities and the half-yearly availability of animals.


The autumn season is marked by the high demand for pregnant cattle. Aberdeen Angus cattle are recognized for the many benefits of their increased adaptability to living conditions, resisting on pastures at extreme temperatures, both high and frosty. This and the ease of calving in the spring make the pregnancy acquisition in September and October to be at its peak. This is the reason why farmers who want to supplement their flock in the autumn need to get their purchase plan from now on and to reserve their desired number of gestations.


How does the program schedule pregnant cattle work?

Calculates the number of desired pregnancies and reserves now by order.

Pay the booking advance to make sure you have the cattle in autumn.

In September / October select animals, directly from our farm, before delivery.


For details on this new opportunity, you can contact us at or by phone at 0269/232 977.