The Aberdeen Angus breed is one of the few breeds of cattle in Romania, raised especially for meat. This has beneficial effects in terms of both, the finished product and the profitability of setting up and developing an Angus farm.


The evolution of this type of business has been spectacular, reaching 10 years since the first heads were brought to Romania by the Karpaten Meat Group to a total core of over 30,000 heads across the country. Potential is still on offer as only 15 heads of cattle feed on 100 hectares of land, while in Ireland, for example, there are 130 heads per 100 hectares.


This year, together with Agricover, we launched a funding program for interested farmers in starting a business with Angus cattle or for those wishing to expand.


It is provided by the only non-banking institution specialized exclusively in the financing of Romanian agriculture and animal husbandry and comes as a simple and safe solution, covering the investment costs, both for the purchase of animals and for the current expenses on the farm – food, care, medical, utilities, etc.


Credit Investment – Angus credit created in partnership with Karpaten Meat

Funding from 66,000 euros for the purchase of 30 heifers and one Angus bull for breeding or 25 pregnant heifers.



– simple and fast, without bureaucracy

– flexible reimbursement formula – maturity correlated with the generated cash flow by the capitalization of production, receipt of the subsidy or the calendar of the births

– Funding for up to 5 years, with grace for the first year
– an advance of 10%

– guaranteeing with the funded animals and with the sales contract


This credit support is dedicated exclusively to the purchase of Angus cattle under the Karpaten Meat partnership programs.

Since the start of our farm, one of the main objectives has been the support for Angus cattle breeders. For this reason we have developed over the years various programs dedicated to the Karpaten Meat Group partners, which offer opportunities for development and safety in a fluctuating market.


Find out all the details about the available partnership programs on the Karpaten Meat Group farm by contacting us either at or by phone at 0269/232 977.