Monday, 21 May 2018 started for Karpaten Premium Angus at the Karpaten Meat Group farm, alongside the My Transylvania Association, passionate chefs and restaurant owners, inspirational bloggers and brave entrepreneurs, national and local press and representatives of the Gastronomic Capital City of Sibiu.


In the following year, Sibiu will be the first region in the country that holds the title of “European Region of Gastronomy”. In this context, Karpaten Premium Angus wanted to create links between producers and restaurants, between the product and consumers, between the farm and the region and in this way the high-quality products will become ambassadors of the region they come from.


Approximately 30 guests from various culinary areas attended the event in the Hârtibaci Valley, where the Angus cattle are grazing on the vast pastures with raw vegetation. If the process of obtaining the Premium Angus beef is part of a chain covering all stages, from the growth and fattening of the calves to the processing and marketing of the beef, the closed circuit event was structured in the same circular idea.


The day began with a presentation of the main characteristics of this breed, during the visit to the quarantine farm from Marpod and the marketing business. Discussions about breed and farm management were also included in the program, after this there was a visit to the nearby Karpaten Meat Group farms.


The discussion of the day focused on animal husbandry, from the perspective of how it influences the quality of the beef. The invited guests were able to find out details about how to trim the carcass, the results and the possibilities of using them, all of these themes having as their main objective the emphasis on the importance of using the whole carcass in making a menu, not just the premium parts. Also, the awareness that Angus beef is more than just a steak. Less well-known pieces also have superior qualities while including them in the menus can bring multiple benefits to both, restaurants and end consumer.


For the event to be complete, to the delight of the chefs and the challenge of the guests, the main point of the meeting was the tasting of an alternative menu of Premium Angus beef, exactly where it was produced. The menu made by the Syndicat Gourmet team brought into discussion creative preparations based on the less used parts of the whole carcass. Parts such as beef pulp or chest have given the taste of the day and promoted the same popularity as the loved steaks. At the end of the day, the guests were invited to try the online shop www.premiumangus.ro, which sells beef parts that were tasted during the day and the organizers enjoyed the appreciation and the delight of those present and the launch of future partnerships.


Karpaten Meat Group is one of the first Angus breeding farms in Romania, starting the business model with beef from this breed. With a passion for agriculture and animal husbandry, Karpaten Meat Farm holds all the premiums of premium beef production. The result is the obtained beef from cattle with a top and naturally raised genetics, the superior quality being given by tenderness, flavor and marbling.