A month ago, Karpaten Meat Group started the program for launching pregnant cattle and underlined the importance of an efficient, time-based management in cattle breeding and the development of a profitable farm.                                                                                                                Since the launch of this campaign, the interest of partner farmers in the reservation of pregnant cattle has been very high and there are still demands on this line. This reason and the desire to continue to support our partners have determined the extension of the campaign, so that as many farmers as possible can afford the desired flocks for the autumn.


If you are one of the courageous farmers who are contributing to the progress of this sector, make sure your purchase plan is made at time / is up and running!


Here are the benefits of this program and what you need to do to reserve your pregnant cattle:

  • Their gestation period is 9 months, pregnant cattle in the autumn will give calves in the spring months.
  • The resulting calves will feed directly on the pasture grass, benefiting from all the nutritional qualities of fresh vegetation.
  • Moderate temperatures minimize the risk of calving calves.
  • The maintenance costs of the produced calves are 0, ensuring a very efficient management.
  • Possibility of framing cattle for subsidies.


➤ Calculate the number of pregnancies you want and reserve them by order now.
➤ Pay the booking advance to make sure you have the cattle in autumn.
➤  In September / October select animals, directly from our farm, before delivery

Find out all the details of the partnership programs available at Karpaten Meat Group farm by contacting us either at info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977.