Effective and good management of Angus cattle farms also involves providing technical endowments.


Our group of companies offers the full range of services and activities required for the Angus cattle production system. For a good management of cattle herds, suitable technical equipment, tested over time to help with top genetics to increase the profitability of the Angus cattle farm is recommended.


Feeding cattle during the summer is exclusively done through grazing. This breed is making good use of grass on the pasture, the spring-summer period is the most prolific for an Angus farm. Grazing in the summer is done on fenced plots with an electric fence to secure the perimeter of each herd and to protect the animals.


It is important for the animals to have access to drinking water. In case there are no watering spots on the pasture, there are areas for watering the cattle. In places where possible, one-ball or two-water beaters can also be installed, which can withstand up to -30 degrees C and can be left outdoors during winter.


Once they are in good use, the electric fences are installed throughout the grazing area. They can be of two types – flexible electric fence with cast wire or fixed wire fence. For a better staff safety and a faster system for detecting / solving potential problems on the fence electric circuit, you can opt for a more efficient system, adapted to new technologies. It is possible to mount an appliance that will notify the optional SMS circuitry of any circuit breaks.


Below is the Fence Trouble Detection System and HERE you can see the complete catalog of technical facilities provided by Karpaten Meat Group.


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