In the summer, everyone regains their superpowers, passions, favorite tastes and activities.  For those for whom a relaxing afternoon with friends means a tasty barbecue, cooked exactly as it should be, early in the week, Karpaten Premium Angus launched the GRILL PACK!


If grilling is your superpower, this package is for you!


The GRILL PACK contains Premium Angus meat pieces, that are perfect for grilling. Worldwide recognized, the Angus Burger is a pleasure to any gourmet who appreciates beef. 4 pieces of Premium Angus Burger are packed, ready for a quick and aromatic meal. The other two components of the package 1.25 kg – Chuck Roll Steak and 1.25 kg Skirt Steak – are two intense, well marbled and tender pieces that can be marinated for grilling or prepared as steaks and cooked in the pan.


The pieces are dry aged for 21 days and vacuum-packed. The weights for each piece are approximate and can vary by +/- 5%, but the total package will be at least 3 kg. Packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes and the refrigeration temperature on the transport will be provided by the returnable cool boxes.


Being produced in Romania, we want all consumers to have the opportunity to order a simple and a fast beef of high quality, which has so far been only imported. Premium Angus beef from Transylvania is produced from cattle with top genetics and naturally grown in an extensive system on Romanian pastures. Animals are raised according to the environmental and the animal protection standards with a passion for agriculture and animal husbandry, which comes from Swiss tradition and expertise.


Order the GRILL PACK simple and fast from the online shop www.premiumangus.ro!