We are already at the middle of the year and the development plans of the sector we are working on are even more ambitious. Based on the pace with which this type of business has developed in Romania, the future of this business is based on the achievements and the programs created by those with experience in the field and the long list of benefits available to current Angus breeding novices.

So it is a good time to draw an imaginary median line in the work plan, to sum up the projects that we have formed in these months of the year and to turn our attention to the next season.


Partnership programs

Among the main objectives of the Karpaten Meat Group were from first year of building to create a network of producers across the country. To this end, partnership programs have been created. Over the past 10 years, partner farmers have enjoyed the promise of the Karpaten Meat Group to purchase calves, produced in accordance with the terms of the contract, thus having an assured market.


New programs

During the development of the Angus cattle sector in the country, the requirements of a good management on a farm are indispensable and the need for farmers’ support has become increasingly varied, thus developing ever more complex benefits. Besides the first major advantage of the partnership program, our partner farmers have our support at all stages. KMG representatives can make a visit to the partner’s farm before or after the cattle were delivered to the client, according to wishes. We also provide feed information, Angus herd management, information on mandatory sanitary veterinary actions and recommended additional actions and last but not least, the necessary technical equipment for a good farm organization.

A number of other programs were launched this year and it also provides support for farmers interested in converting holdings to farms dedicated to raising Angus cattle or novices in the field. This is how the bulls purchase program, the Agricover funding program, the pregnancy reservation program and the acquisition of reforms were born.



During these first months, we have also encountered difficulties. Procurement challenges, for example, have hampered the work but we have managed to overcome the limitations and we hope that the problems we have encountered will no longer represent an obstacle.



The figures for the past months are also pleasing in terms of the number of imports made by Karpaten Meat Group. The amount of cattle brought into the country through this increased in the months since the start of the year, compared to the same period last year. This is a positive sign that the Romanian market is ready to assimilate more animals, as more and more farmers have understood the benefits of having an Angus cattle business and investing in the development of this breed on the native land.



In order to be present on the market and to maintain a close relationship with our partners, we have been present at the profile events organized so far in the country (the fairs in Cluj, Fundulea) and also outside the territory (in Bulgaria). We have also attended conferences dedicated to Romanian farmers and we have even organized a major event dedicated to our partners. The meeting was discussed in the direction of this sector and there was also presented our vision for the next year of activity. As always, our farm gates are open to those who want to better understand how it works and to see the process step by step for a better vision of this area of activity. As proof of the increased interest comes from the high number of visits received, both from the country and abroad. More than 10 visits from countries such as Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Bulgaria or Denmark took place at our farms in Marpod and nearby.



On the administrative plan, the strategy is: we learn, we increase our team and become better in what we do. One of the changes that brought a great positive impact on the organization of the company was the expansion of the zootechnics team and the relationship with the partners.



A first step to be taken in future development is the expansion of the production centers that contribute to both volumetric and qualitative growth.  We want to continue to anticipate and meet the development needs of our partners and, together with them, to continue the livestock sector in the country.