With this article, we will start a series of technical articles on future actions that will not only ensure the animals growing requirements for the cold season but will make farmers more efficient.


The Angus cattle breeding farms are in full season for the winter preparations. The maintenance of this cattle breed asks for minimal investment, but the organization of actions is very important to respect and to fulfill the peculiarities of this type of farm.


Summer time is perhaps the quietest period of the year, so that Angus farmers have the opportunity to organize themselves as best as they can. This is the best time for hygiene, for repairing technical equipment and even preparing them for low temperatures.


The Angus breeding system is important for the cattle on the pasture. Angus cattle grow on good pastures, with green and clean water. This natural growth method is optimal for both, animal health and environment.


The animals stay during the winter on the pasture. Angus breed is adaptable to the climate in the Balkan countries, being resistant to both, cold and high heat. This period is also marked by the preparation of the food storage facilities. Throughout the year cattle can graze through rotation grass and clover according to the needs of their body. During the cold season, their feeding is done with naturally obtained fodder or with cereals from different silos. In some cases, when the weather is extreme cold, bulls and calves will have additional food to provide the necessary energy.


Collaboration between farm and livestock management ensures the desired results, helps to increase efficiency and improve performance.