For a good management of the cattle herd, appropriate technical equipment is recommended for the necessary working time used for animal care, as well as to provide safe conditions for carrying out these activities. The acquisition of the adequate technical equipment is very important, as it has been tested and have proven their usefulness over time. All these facilities have been created and developed over a vast experience in farming and they became standardized.


The contingency cage is one of the main needed facilities to manage cattle herds. It is recommended to use it for weighing or for veterinary operations and has various modular systems, that are suitable for each type of activity, allowing the veterinarian to safely access the necessary procedures. Their use is also beneficial to animals, making them being quieter.


This is suitable for any age, the interior space is easily adaptable depending on the size of the cattle, and all this is made with the help of the concealment system. It is possible to immobilize the head of the animal and to support it with the basket and the holder for easy grip and you can also attach a nipple cleaning device (for the hooves). In order to monitor daily average growth, a scale is attached to the bottom of the box and on the display  you can see the weight of each animal.


In any action, the forefront is safety for humans and animals. One of the great advantages of this mode of operation is that the system can be used either on the farm or on the pasture, allowing the positioning panels on the required land surface. Having a very low weight but still resistant, the ear tags are easy to handle and help to create a complex system for targeting and fluidizing the cattle herd. Observing their installation is very important, you will reduce casualties and injuries to animals and this will be done according to the typology of each farm.


Depending on the livestock, one can choose the complexity of the cattle steering and the contention system. A suitable environment for small farms with a limited number of cattle will include the standard H5000 contexture box, the connecting cage, guiding aisle frame, sliding door frame, 3 m panel, door panel 3 m, special door handle. In addition, the advanced large-sized cowhide contains a cage, a frame panel, a curved panel and a stabilizer bar.


Our group of companies offers the full range of services and activities required for the Angus cattle production system. Our technical requirement proposal is adjusted to each case, taking into account the characteristics and needs of the partner farms and their staff, the offer being based on the minimum recommended per head.


Find out all the details about the technical facilities available at the Karpaten Meat Group farm by contacting us either at info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977.