Last week the veterinary team of the Karpaten Meat Group attended a specialized training for the animal castration procedure.


Continuous learning and the implementation of effective cattle care and farm maintenance solutions are very important, both in business profitability and in the way the animals are treated.


In order to keep up-to-date with best practices and the most efficient management solutions, Karpaten Meat team keeps you informed and in touch with the best professionals and participates in specialized training.


Each team is constantly developing in its field. The latest action took place with the team of veterinarians, who practiced bull castration techniques under the guidance of one of our experienced Irish partner who is in contact with the best cattle farmers in world. The castration of the animals is done immediately after calving, using elastic and elastomer rings. This practice is the least invasive. However, there is a need for further castration of animals, where the application of rubber rings is no longer possible, so that the intervention becomes more risky and more complex.


The zootechnical field is very dynamic, is always changing and it is very important for farmers to be in touch with the specialists in the field, to be up to date with the latest information and procedures. This ensures that the quality of work is maintained at all stages of the activity, so that constant results can be achieved. For a business to grow and to become more and more powerful, each team must work individually and in a strong relation to each other, bringing the best expertise.


The Karpaten Meat Group is aware of the importance and the impact of each employee regardless of their position and invests always in the professional training of those who through their work contribute to the development of the Angus farm and the Angus breed in Romania.