Ten years after we started our Angus cattle business in Romania, we celebrate the impressive development that this breed had, along with those who understood its benefits and wanted to join us.



We start a series of interviews with some of our partners who told us how they found out about the Aberdeen Angus breed, what made them set up a business with these beef cattle, which is their experience throughout the business and their opinion about the collaboration with the Karpaten Meat farm. Farmers with zootechnical experience or beginner farmers from all areas of the country, one by one, have become our partners and enjoy our partnership programs developed by us in order to help them.



At first we talked to Luca Lucian, a Karpaten Meat Group partner farmer in Bihor County, who started buying Angus cattle in 2016, and who has reached in two years a nummber of 250 cattle (including the milk cattle already owned by him).



After reading about the Angus breed, he bought his first 35 cows with a bull and decided to maximize the profitability of his already owned farm, focusing on both types of business. He quickly understood that the easy management required by this type of breed will bring him an effective alternative to his business and invested in cattle with high-quality genetics. “The Angus breed is very adaptable and handling costs are very low. In addition, you can turn to profit the pasture where the milk cow does not resist and does not adapt. It’s profitable and easy to handle.”



Mr. Lucian says he has had a very good experience with beef cattle so far. In the plain, the only difficulty is encountered in the summer, in the hot month, when in the area arise problems of heat exhaustion. But for that, he has found a solution, he created a shelter where cattle can find protection against the burning heat at any time of the day.



In his view, the future of this farm slowly develops to a number of 200-250 Angus breeding cattle. He still wants entrepreneurs in the field to have the financial support received from subsidies, in order to keep their cattle in the country and sell them here at the end of the production process.



I took heifers from the KMG, mounted them, bred and sold the products weighting on average 400 kg (through the partnership program). It’s very good. At the capacity I have, I can hold up to 250 cattle to make calves.” 



From the beginning of our work in the field, we wanted to build the foundation of valuable and long-term partnerships and our partners demonstrate that our efforts are fruitful. Through various programs addressed to them and covering a wide range of needs, we offer support to farmers who want to join an efficient business with enormous potential in Romania.