Today we celebrate the impressive development that this race has had, along with those who understood its benefits and wanted to join us. From the series of interviews with some of our partners, we are talking today with Anica Dumitru, a farmer from Valcea County.


The beef business started in 2012 when, after an internet search, the Karpaten Meat Group farm was discovered. He did not wait for a moment; wanting to find out more about the Aberdeen Angus breed, directly from the source, he scheduled a visit to the Marpod farm. There he convinced himself of the benefits of this business and its profitability. He immediately gave up the milk breed for the the Angus cattle breed.  “I visited the Karpaten Meat farm, I understood what this business means and I immediately decided to reprofile on the Angus meat breed.” – says Mr. Anica.


The transition was complete two years after the first Angus cattle purchase. First he went on the road with 4 heads, then invested in brood animals, valuable animals for breeding, adapted his technical equipment already owned, using old buildings as open stables, where cattle can shelter as appropriate.


In particular, the reduced human workforce persuaded him to reprofilate the farm and invest in the reproduction of this breed. “Angus breed even during the winter does not need such a high human labor force. Animals are on the pasture throughout the year, so they do not need much attention. Milk cow needs much more care, not to mention product selling problems and Romanian legislation in this field. In the Angus cattle farm a daily visit is enough to make sure the crew is in order and then I can relax. ”


ll that was breeding youngsters he kept for the development of  his own farm, but he always delivered the calves back to the Karpaten Meat Group through the partnership program made available. “From my own point of view, I have no dissatisfaction, on the contrary, we have a very good collaboration and I am always up to date with the Karpaten Meat Group programs.”


Mr Anica’s plans for the future are ambitious. He wants to grow the farm even further, to expand to 40-50 breeding heads and to contribute to improving the characteristics of the Angus breed in Romania.


Through the programs available at Karpaten Meat we support the future plans of our partners and develop opportunities for farmers in the country to reach the enormous potential of the zootechnical sector in Romania.


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