For those who work in the field of agriculture and animal breeding the second half of September is related to the Agromalim fair in Arad.


Between the 13-th and the 16-th of September the team Karpaten Meat Group will take part in this important event for the beginning of autumn and for a new purchase season for the farmers.


As it has always done on the occasion of such events, the team KMG will bring at the fair cattle with high-value genetics and will stay beside those in the field, sustaining excellence in animal breeding field by giving valuable information about the Angus breed and about efficient ways to set up an Angus cattle business.


In addition, desiring to sustain Romanian young farmers who turned towards an Angus cattle business and to encourage the development of this very promising sector, Karpaten Meat Group together with the Aberdeen Angus Association and with its members support the program” Adopt a young farmer” which will take place within the fair. The competition is intended for the young members of our Association and it is part of a long-term project which aims to support and encourage new entrepreneurs in this sector and thus to create a farm network focused on the development of high-quality genetics of the Aberdeen Angus breed in Romania.


Due to this event within the fair, the bulls’ exposure area and ring presentations will focus the attention of visitors and exhibitors.


Those present at the fair will take part both in the final of the contest, in the prize award of the young winners and in conferences and presentations on topics of interest in the field, but they will also have the opportunity to visit the stands of the exhibition and to find out specific details depending on the case.


The invitation-based access to the fair is free for those willing to visit it. You may download it from HERE and print it.


We are always looking for new partners so if you want to find out more information you can do it by searching for the Karpaten Meat Group stand at the fair. We are waiting for you!


Visitor invitation