September is the beginning of a new purchase season in Aberdeen Angus cattle farms. In anticipation of the high demand for cattle that characterise the autumn, new imports took place at the Karpaten Meat Group farm.



Thus, this period brings new opportunities for acquisition for our partners interested in Angus cattle, with superior genetics, carefully selected. All cattle on our own farm and those imported are vaccinated, tested to date, free from IBR and accompanied by certificates of origin certifying their genetic history (Pedigree).




The desired animals can be individually selected from the farm in Marpod, Sibiu County, based on prior appointment. This can be done through e-mail info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977. After the visit and identification of the cattle meeting the requirements of the customer, the necessary documentation is prepared and the delivery details are established.



Farm partners and those who want to start a business with Angus beef can benefit from our partnership program and its advantages. Besides the contractual assurance of a market for the production of calves, Karpaten Meat supports the transfer of information and experience, technical support and logistics, in order to achieve efficient and fair farm management. Also, in support of farmers, a number of new programs have been developed to provide a favourable environment for the development of partner farms and, in course of time, of the livestock sector.



We are always looking for new partners so if you want to find out more information you can do it by searching for the Karpaten Meat Group stand at the fair. We are waiting for you!