This year, we celebrate the passing of a decade since starting our first Angus cattle business in Romania. What better way to do this, than celebrating with those who understood the benefits of this breed and contributed to the development of such farms.



We are talking to some of the partners of the Karpaten Meat Group to find out the motivation of having a business with Angus cattle and their experience so far as a partner of the first such farm in the country.



“I had a free field where I could not grow crops. I wanted to use it and decided to buy some animals. Other cattle breeds are more difficult to care for and when I heard of an Angus cattle sale in Germany, I decided to go there and see what it was about.”



This is the beginning of the Angus cattle story of Mr. Marian Geantă, a farmer from Dolj County, who has been active in the field for more than 4 years. This experience was very valuable to him. At the auction, he met entrepreneurs from both Romania and other countries, learned about the main characteristics of the Aberdeen Angus breed and understood that this breed is perfect for his needs, as these cattle have a very high degree of adaptability and a high efficiency in the use of pastures.


He returned in Romania directly with 5 heifers and a bull and the than completed his herd by purchasing cattle from the Karpaten Meat Group farm, thus reaching more than 150 heads. “We only had good experiences. We had whom to sell calves even in harder periods. We sold the calves at a good price for us, Karpaten Meat Group was very serious and helped us every time we needed it. This is how we expanded the farm and could provide to the cattle all that they needed. We know the partnership programs, but so far we only needed the sale program, logistics support and technical equipment.”



Mr Geantă’s future plans are ambitious. He wants to expand his farm to 500 heads and develop steadily.



These stories and these strong partnerships give us confidence and desire to continue to strengthen Angus cattle business in Romania and support those who contribute to this goal. Join the largest Angus network and become our partner. Contact us either at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.


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