Following the imports this month, various livestock groups can be selected from the Karpaten Meat Group farm by interested farmers. A great benefit in purchasing is the high number of animals available on the Karpaten Meat Group farm, which also ensures the diversity of cattle on sale. With genetics from Ireland, Great Britain or Germany, Aberdeen Angus cattle can be chosen from several color categories and age, depending on the desire to supplement the herd.



In addition to the many offerings, the Karpaten Meat Group also brings the benefit of a specialist consultancy, directly from the sale. Each proposal is built on the needs and possibilities of each farmer in order to ensure the sustainability of his farm.



All cattle on the farm in the Hârtibaci Valley are vaccinated and tested to date, free from IBR and presenting certificates of origin specifying their genetic history (Pedigree). Since the treatments are already being carried out, throughout the winter cattle do not require any other kind of veterinary care. Also, all animals are eligible for subsidies, thus offering the possibility to be registered by SCZ (Coupled Support in Zootechnics).



Available for sale are bovine animals of the following categories:

  • Heifers under 12 months of age
  • Bulls
  • Pregnant heifers
  • cows at the second / third calving



For farmers interested in developing an Angus cattle business, buying a breeding cattle group is a valuable investment for the future. In partnership with Agricover, Karpaten Meat Group has prepared the “Angus Loan” financing program that will provide all farmers with support both for the purchase of animals and for covering current farm costs (food, medical care, utilities). The benefits of such a program provide the possibility of fast and secure financing with flexible reimbursement.



The desired animals can be individually selected from the farm in Marpod, Sibiu County, based on prior appointment. This can be done by e-mail info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977. After the visit and the identification of the cattle meeting the requirements of the customer, the necessary documentation is prepared and the delivery details are established.