An important event for international animal breeding is the annual Angus cattle auction that takes place at Donaumoss Angus Farm, in Gundelfingen. This year, the event will take place on Saturday, October 27, 2018, and will bring together farmers across Europe interested in Aberdeen Angus cattle.



Prior to the start of the main event, the participants will be able to get the catalogue of animals presented for sale and from 10:00 onward they can be seen in the boxes. In this way, those interested can select the desired cattle according to the main characteristics pursued.



The actual auction will start at 12 o’clock and the animals will be presented one by one in the ring, the focus of this edition being directed towards pregnant cows and heifers.



This year there will be cattle from Germany and Scotland, but with international genetic lines selected to improve the characteristics of the Aberdeen Angus breed, thus offering a wide range of opportunities for farmers to buy.



In the evening, the traditional festive dinner is scheduled to mark the end of the annual auction at which people can take part on a modest fee. Music and good mood will be at the heart of discussions and will animate the atmosphere.



Romanian farmers have been present at this event for the last 5 years. Being a valuable meeting for those active in the field, Karpaten Meat organises now the 7th Angus Cattle Auction in Germany and encourages you to take part in the event. More details on this subject can be found on the Angus Group  website.