The package was created out of your passion for the most desired Angus beef pieces and because of our intention o meet your wishes!



For those of you who are passionate of culinary specialities, who have refined tastes and choose high-quality ingredients for their favourite dishes, Karpaten Premium Angus is now launching GOURMET PACK!



In the gourmet world nothing is accidental! Every ingredient, every flavour occupies a well-defined and well-balanced place. For the final dish to be worthy of such a kitchen, the quality requirement begins from the first steps of the production stage and keeps the standard until the last mouthful.



The name of this package is already betraying its basic characteristics – on the one hand, the controlled process in which it is obtained, offering complete trace-ability to Premium Angus beef pieces and, on the other hand, its destination.




Premium Angus beef from Transylvania is produced from cattle with top genetics, 100% naturally grown in an extensive cattle husbandry system, on Romanian pastures. The cattle are raised according to environmental and animal protection standards, with a passion for farming and animal husbandry that can be traced back to Swiss tradition and know-how.



Smaller than the other packages in the online shop www.premiumangus.ro  (3 kg), but very special, Gourmet Pack draws attention through its beef pieces, matured in the dry-age system for 21 days and packed individually in vacuum packs. Those who purchase it will enjoy 1250 g of bone in rib-eye, 1250 g of rump steak and 500 g of burger (4 pieces).



Everyone who loves beef dishes already knows the delicious Angus beef steaks or burgers. And they would take every opportunity to taste them again. This wish for the most coveted Angus beef pieces was the reason for creating the new package that can be ordered simply and quickly from the online shop. Every time your package will arrive in perfect conditions at the delivery address, due to the special refrigerated boxes used for the transport, and will come together with a flyer with instructions for cooking, so that the cooking of the pieces can be a pleasant experience and the taste of them, as expected.




At the moment, the platform includes 3 packages of different compositions, based on the suggested cooking destination. The famous steaks can be obtained from the Premium Pack (5 kg), those who prefer a traditional cooking style can enjoy the Family Pack (5 kg) and both steaks and grills can be prepared from Gourmet Pack (3 kg) from now on.



Gourmet can be found not only in the restaurants! A high-quality beef will be cooked as well at home as in a restaurant by a master chef!