A new series of imports took place during this period in the Karpaten Meat Group farm, extending the stock available for farmers.



Cows (red or black of your own choice), Aberdeen Angus breeding heifers and bulls with genetics from Scotland, Ireland, Germany can be purchased during this period, being eligible for ANT 2019.



Those of you who are interested have the choice to create a homogeneous group, our farm offering the possibility to consult the Pedigree certificates for the selected cattle.



Depending on the farmer’s wish, selections can be made for an effective management, namely groups can be selected for breeding in spring or autumn. The cattle will be delivered with quarantine and treatments, so the next sanitary intervention will only be necessary in the spring 2019, when going out on the pasture.



Together with the acquisition of animals, the partner benefits from a complete business system – consultancy, logistics, technical equipment – all the specific solutions to create a successful business – including the offering of the market for the obtained products.



The desired animals can be individually selected from the farm in Marpod, Sibiu County, based on prior appointment. This can be done by e-mail info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at 0269/232 977.



10 years since the start of the Karpaten Meat Group, the first Aberdeen Angus cattle business in Romania.

10 years in which this field and this type of Angus cattle business is a success for those involved.

10 years since we keep our promises to our partners and we support them through various dedicated partnership programs, helping national development of this sector.