The end of the year comes to the Karpaten Meat Group with an offer for farmers interested in buying Aberdeen Angus cattle.



➤ 25 cattle: 24 females + one Angus bull FOR FREE



For those interested in developing an Angus cattle business, buying a breeding bovine group is a valuable investment for the future. All the more valuable if the group includes a bull that will ensure the expansion of the flock with products from a top Angus genetic line.



All farm cattle on the Hartibaci Valley are vaccinated and tested to date, free from IBR and presenting certificates of origin certifying their genetic history (Pedigree). Also, all animals are eligible for subsidies, thus offering the possibility to be registered with ANT (National Transitional Aid).



Bovines can be chosen by colour categories, depending on the desire to fill the herd. The desired animals can be individually selected according to the desired color (red or black) from the Karpaten Meat Group farm on the basis of prior appointment. This can be done by e-mail info@karpaten-meat.com or by phone at the following numbers:

Sibiu – 0269/ 232 977
NV zone – 0735 780 889
NE zone – 0731 358 317

S zone – 0733 490 788