On November 23, 2018, Carrefour Romania launched the Angus Beef Quality Line as part of the project aiming to promote local producers and quality Romanian products.



Karpaten Meat, as the main partner of this project, was present alongside Florin Capatana, Director of Sustainable Development and Institutional Relations, Carrefour Romania, Silviu Diaconu, Director of Fresh Products, Carrefour Romania and Adina Crăciunescu, Marketing Manager, Diana company. After a short conference, the event also held a tasting of Angus beef, along with those present.




Together with Carrefour Romania, Karpaten Meat wants to contribute to creating a culinary culture of Angus beef and to facilitate consumers’ access to these 100% natural local products.



Asked by journalists why he chose to promote Black Angus beef, a ” quality beef with high price”, Florin Capatana stressed that it is a strategy act to develop as much as possible the Romanian products and the Black Angus beef, in order to become accessible such products to all consumers: “Angus Quality Line means traceability from farm to customer in the dish, following all the steps with a team of experts, about how this meat is processed, packaged and then transported to Carrefour stores. The central point is represented by consumers who want to be able to choose products that they know, products with taste and great flavor “, said Florin Căpăţână.



Karpaten Meat is currently the only Black Angus beef supplier of Carrefour Romania, and as Silviu Diaconu mentions, “the development project between Carrefour and Karpaten Meat is a long-term one.”



For Karpaten Meat, being part of this project can only honor the work done in the 10 years of activity and bring us all closer to the goal of closing the production chain in Romania.