This year, Karpaten Meat Group celebrates the passing of a decade since starting its Angus cattle business in Romania and our series of interviews with farmers continues.



If the partners interviewed so far came mostly from the plains, today we will travel to a mountainous area and discover a brave project of a young entrepreneur from Deva.



It is about Mr. Voicu Rinder who came to KMG farm in Marpod, when he decided to set up an Angus cattle business; he bought from our farm young cattle and pregnant heifers, a total of 60 heads. That was in 2016.



Having no stable and equipments, without previous experience in working with animals, Mr. Rinder ventured with courage in this field. “Animals get familiar with you in time, you learn to work with them, even if it is quite difficult at first. But you need a minimum of infrastructure for that: a plot of land with fences and of course all that ensures the intervention on the animal: contention, guiding area and the rest.



One of the most serious challenges he faced was the location of his farm at an altitude of 800 m in an area exposed to much wind. Animals, even if they are resistant to cold temperatures, need protection against the wind. But he overcame this obstacle, based on discussions with the partners of Karpaten Meat and found solutions he successfully implemented. The partnership program with KMG related to the redemption of the produced calves helped him a lot in his project.



At present, Mr. Rinder has everything he needs for a good management of an Angus cattle farm in a mountainous area with a herd of 80 heads, all pure Angus, and he does not stop here: “For the future we want to stabilize the herd at 150 mothers, even if this will entail an expansion of the current infrastructure.”



We enjoy and encourage such initiatives as Mr Rinder’s, because the livestock sector in Romania needs people with fresh forces and a focus on quality. Join the largest Angus network and become our partner. Contact us at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.