Traceability of genetics on a breeding farm generates rapid progress and increased profitability through high performing products. Through a correct selection process of the breeding cattle we can obtain products with a high-scoring genetics and thus effective management can be achieved.



For both our own farm and our partners we have chosen and imported the best genetic specimens from all over the world, thus succeeding in having the best genetic selection in Romania.



An Angus with balanced conformation and features is our genetic ideal. We avoid extremes and individual characteristics and we prefer harmonious cattle with balanced properties. We pay special attention to improved genetic lines to ensure that performance transfer is maintained. Thus, we can provide for our clients Angus high genetics with confidence in effective growth in the suckling cow system.



We chose the ANGUS beef breed because it is extensive and robust, easily adaptable to any conditions:

  • The ANGUS beef breed is suited to extensive exploitation
  • The ANGUS cattle are easy to be cared for and long-lived
  • Hair color: red or black
  • Without horns
  • Very robust, resistant and adaptable at -40 ° C and + 40 ° C
  • Precocious: age at first mounting: 14-15 months (min 350kg).
  • Gives good value to grass on pasture and to grass of poor grass quality
  • Easy calving
  • Prolific: 1 calf / year, 9 months of gestation
  • Weaning calves after the age of 8-10 months
  • Calves with high average growth from grazing and suckling (1000-1300g)
  • Weight Bulls: 800-1000 kg, Cows: 550-700 kg
  • Excellent carcass yield


One of the partnership programs launched by the Karpaten Meat Group this year is the bulls leasing program designed to provide the opportunity for easy management by natural farming and the ability to diversify genetic lines to improve the various characters of the breed.


Find out all the details about the partnership programs available on the Karpaten Meat Group farm by contacting us either at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.