We are talking this time with another partner of Karpaten Meat, Mr. Enache Gabriel from Călărași County. Animal breeder, like his parents, and having only a fish farm, wanted to lay the foundations of a cattle farm.



He read about the Angus breed and convinced himself: low maintenance costs, less work and better price for calves. On the market. “I chose the Angus breed because it is easier to care for – there is no need of stable for animals, no need of milking. In addition, there is interest in buying calves.”



He bought all the cattle from Karpaten Meat Group, 100 heifers and 3 bulls, in 3 years: initially 30 heifers and one bull in 2015, the following year another group of 30 heifers and one bull and in the third year, the rest of the of the herd up to 100 heads in 2017.



Immediately after the purchase, he visited the Karpaten Meat farm to learn the correct growth practices of the Aberdeen Angus breed, participated in several farm activities and learned everything he needed to efficiently manage a farm of this type. “In 5 days, from Monday to Friday, I took part in all stages of the cattle care. I attended the births, the vaccinations, the ringing of the ear tags “



With this training he could start his business with confidence and had no serious problems with his cattle at home: “Karpaten Meat has promptly responded to my solicitations whenever I needed their help. And we keep in touch with the veterinarian, we respect the vaccination plan and everything goes well.”



He had only one difficulty, as he confessed himself; this was with the first calvings, when the cattle needed his help. At the second calving, 80% of the cows do not need any help any more, and the next time none of them needs man’s help. Under these circumstances Mr. Enache is thinking of raising in the future the number of the herd up to 150 mother cattle, for which he currently has the capacity.



These successful experiences of our partners motivate us to pursue our work of promoting the Angus breed and to contribute to the development of the zootechnical sector in Romania, a country with a huge potential for development in this direction. Join the largest Angus network and become our partner. Contact us at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.