From the first days, the Karpaten Meat Group began its activity in the Hârtibaci Valley alongside the people in the area. Year after year, with the growth of our farm and the internal community of our business (employees, partners, collaborators), we wanted to contribute to the life of the surrounding villages. Thus, we have been involved in various causes, mostly addressed to children in the area who often struggle with fundamental shortcomings.



Not only in the holiday months it’s important to be with our community. Long-term support is the one that brings change and one that ensures the success of a future. This year, therefore, with the celebration of 10 years since the company was founded, our desire to get involved in a long-term project for the Hârtibaciului Valley community takes shape.


With the beginning of a new year, Karpaten Meat Group joined the cause of the Polisano Foundation in Sibiu by sponsoring the project “Healthy Hearts”, held in the Hârtibaci Valley.


Our desire is that, together with project specialists, we provide basic medical conditions for children in the area who often do not even benefit from regular medical check-ups, due to the lack of staff covering work for all villages.


With our financial support, the Polisano Foundation provides support for the detection and diagnosis of children suffering from cardiac malformations. Also, alongside a world-renowned physicians’ network, we are helping children without resources and suffering from serious heart disease,  in order to benefit from life-saving surgeries in Romania. The campaign has been running for 2 years, during which 73 children were operated under the project. All children under the Healthy Heart project are recovered and resumed a 100% normal life.


Our involvement with the foundation is not limited to the financial support offered on this occasion. In the long run, we intend to be present both through voluntary involvement in various information campaigns and in promoting this cause, so that step by step it achieve its goal.


Our heart beats alongside the community of Hârtibaci Valley!