With the end of this year full of challenges and rewards, it is a good time to sum up projects that have come to shape in 2018 and to celebrate our success.



Fairs and events to which our team took part

2018 as well was full of activities for the team Karpaten Premium Angus. We were present at the events organised in the country (the fairs in Cluj, Fundulea, Arad, Iasi, Bucharest) but also outside the territory (in Bulgaria and the Angus Bovines Auction in Germany).



We also participated at conferences dedicated to Romanian farmers and we were very enthusiastic about organising more events in our farm, from events dedicated to our Partners (Partners Days) to culinary events (Eat Local Angus Beef).



As always, our farm gateways are open to those who want to better understand how it works and see the process step by step for a better vision of this area of activity. As proof of the increased interest comes the high number of visits received both from the country and abroad. More than 10 visits from countries such as Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Bulgaria or Denmark took place at our farms in Marpod and nearby.



  1. Partnership programs

A series of new programs were launched this year and provide support to farmers interested in raising Aberdeen Angus beef cattle in Romania. In addition to the program of tradition of redeeming calves, in 2018 new programs took shape:


  • the leasing program for the purchase of the bulls
  • the Agricover founding program
  • the pregnant cattle reservation program
  • the old cows purchasing program



Valuable partnerships have also taken shape this year in terms of distribution of finished products (Premium Angus beef). Out of desire to contribute to creating a gourmet culture and to facilitate consumers’ access to these locally produced 100% natural beef products, Angus is the latest product of Quality Line, Carrefour Romania.



  1. The development of the KMG farm


The figures for this year in terms of animal numbers show that the Romanian market is ready to assimilate more Angus beef products and more farmers have understood the benefits of having an Angus cattle business. This can only be a reason of enjoy for us and of mobilization in creating an internal structure to meet demand. So this year, we have increased the number of farms in our own management and streamlined the purchasing process.



  1. The KMG team

One of the changes that made a big positive impact on how the company was organized this year was the expansion of the zootechnics team and the relationship with the partners. In addition to this growth, in order to ensure the quality of the process and maintain the quality standard throughout our business, a new department has been created for this purpose. Beginning this year, the quality assurance team is self-contained and will develop with the flow of staff.


  1. Partners

We are glad to see more and more entrepreneurs interested in the zootechnical field in Romania every year, especially in the Angus cattle breeding and 2018 was such a successful year. More and more farmers discover the benefits of this type of business and are aware of the need for proper management to ensure success. This is why the number of those who invest in the development of this breed in Romania is increasing. We draw this conclusion from the increasing number of those who decided to join us on this road and who became our partners.



As every year’s end, after reviewing what has already been done, we look ahead and set our direction again. We want to continue to anticipate and meet the development needs of our partners and along with them to continue the livestock sector in the country by continuing the already implemented projects and approaching innovative solutions in the field.