Years change but passion for this field, doesn’t !



We continue the series of inspirational stories from our partners’ farms with one of the farmers who have recently joined this breeding industry, reprofiling his milk cattle farm to an Angus breed farm. Our Angussuccesstories series continues with Mr.Sorin Gheorghiță.



Mr. Gheorghiță immediately understood the efficiency of a beef cattle farm and the importance of genetics in good management. Of all the breeds with Pedigree in Romania, he chose the Angus breed, after he thoroughly boned up on the subject and discussed with various entrepreneurs. “Other beef breeds are harder to be cared for, have more difficult calving and depend on the veterinarian. There are no such problems with the Angus breed. For the beginning, I need no man to help me, I take care of everything. And in calving time I keep them under observation and that is all.



After giving up completely the milk farm, Mr. Sorin Gheorghita began the Angus business in February 2018, when he bought from the Karpaten Meat farm 10 pregnant heifers and a bull. “I do not say it’s easy, I learn a lot during this time. Work in animal husbandry means a lot of involvement; I have made many trips to KMG to see how Angus cattle must be cared for and what they need. But when I came home, I did it myself. That’s how I gained experience and I’m not sorry for anything.”



For the future of his farm, Mr. Gheorghita is thinking about reaching 100 heads, even if the expansion involves new investments in creating conditions for an increased herd. He enthusiastically confesses that, despite the difficulties encountered, he wants to continue because he likes what he does.



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