Today our focus is on those who through courage and dedication have joined the Karpaten Meat Group’s goal of creating a solid network to support the evolution of the Aberdeen Angus breed in Romania and to make progress in the country’s livestock sector.



10 years ago, Karpaten Meat Group started a new business in Romania – the business with ANGUS beef cattle. From the beginning, every year of activity brought the development of this sector step by step, based on a number of farms increasingly growing and holding more and more valuable herds.



Nothing would have been possible without the people who laid the foundation of this nucleus and the people behind each farm that joined us along the way.



Ten years ago, at the time of the establishment of the Karpaten Meat, there were no Angus cattle on the pastures of Romania. But the Angus cattle have proven their profitability in spite of the fact that they were initially regarded with scepticism by local farmers who were used to milk production only. The efficiency and profitability of an Angus cattle farm has therefore convinced many more to turn their focus on this easy-to-do business with a minimal investment.



One by one, farmers in all parts of the country have understood the importance of genetics in the efficiency of the management of an Angus cattle farm. With technical and logistical support, based on the experience we have in our farms, each start-up in the field has been integrated into the system created and promoted by the Karpaten Meat Group.



Until now, an extensive network of local entrepreneurs has been formed, together bringing added value to the cattle and beef markets in our country. Only 2018 brought an increase of over 11% to farmers interested in the field, their new farms counting about 2000 heads overall.



Karpaten Meat Group continues to support each partner and maintain the direction of developing this type of business, constantly coming up with innovative solutions and challenging future strategies.



Join the largest Angus network! Contact us at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.