2019 comes with new regulations for state subsidies offered for beef cattle farms.



After about six years, the reference date is updated for the payment of national subsidies for cattle species, beef breeds. January 1 this year is the new reference date for Transitional National Aid paid to cattle breeders. The regulation was adopted last year in the Romanian Parliament and came into force this year. The Transitional National Aid in the livestock sector is granted for livestock existing in the National Register of Holdings on 1 January of the application year, according to the scheme for the cattle species, beef breeds sector.



According to the provisions, in order to benefit from the ANTZ, the farmers registered with APIA must have a minimum number of 3 bovine heads (at least 16 months of age at the reference date) and at the date of application the holding should be registered in RNE.  At least one animal should exist on the holding, identified and registered in accordance with the applicable for the veterinary legislation.



ANTZ is paid annually from the state budget, regardless of the subsidies from European funds. These support measures are paid, according to the law, from the budget of the year following the application, and as for the year 2019 the budget law has not been approved, the ceilings and the amounts for NTAs are not yet known. As a reference, however, in 2018 farmers received for the cows an amount of 88.6852 euro / eligible animal.



In addition to the state subsidy received, farmers holding Angus cattle can also receive coupled support in the livestock sector (SCZ). Approximately 300 euros per head of animal is the amount set for SCZ, beef breeds and their half-breeds. The amount can be changed according to the total number of eligible animals.



Obtaining this type of aid will be conditional upon the eligibility conditions being met. First, at least 10 animals and a maximum of 250 animals, Aberdeen Angus pure breed or their half-breeds, must be registered on the holding in question. If we refer to heifers, steers and bulls, these categories must be listed on the holding at least 8 months before the reference date or the sale date. For females with at least one calving, the period is reduced to 6 months.



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