Our Angus system relies on collaboration with partner farms. The calf buyback guarantee reduces the partner’s risks and provides him with a profitable outlet. Investments are thus amortised in a relatively short time and at the same time we give confidence to our partner in his business, thus being saved from extra costs for feeding and labour.


Calves you want to be handed over to the Karpaten Meat Group must meet mandatory health conditions, have a good physical condition, be registered, have all vaccinations and age-specific disinfestations. Calves should be weaned not earlier than at 6 months of age in order to be bought back.


Here are the necessary documents for the buyback of calves, which are mandatory before loading animals:


  • Passports in the original
  • Veterinary certificate for the transport of live animals
  • The Animal Movement Form (F2)
  • Inter-county Notification Numbers (according to the case)
  • Certification of animal treatments
  • The contract and the invoice / tax document will be drawn up following the weighings on the buyer’s premises.



Become our partner! Together with strong and reliable partners, Karpaten Meat is a specialist in the raising and marketing of cattle and Angus genetics. In order to develop our Angus system, we are looking for partner farms to join our partnership programs for the production of Angus calves. Those interested in our partnership program can contact us by e-mail info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.