Even though the Angus breed is easily adaptable and does not require major investments, for a good management of the herd a proper technical equipment is highly recommended, in order to improve working time in animal care and to ensure minimum cattle welfare conditions.


Regardless of weather conditions, it is very important for animals to have access to water. This facility can be ensured by using water tanks with balls, without an electrical connection, for indoor and outdoor use, with guaranteed resistance up to -30 ° C.


How does a water bin with ball work?

The supply of the water bin must be in frost-proof depth. The water comes out of the ground at 8°C and fills the drinking tank. The drinking holes are closed by the balls. When drinking, the animal pushes the ball away. The amount of water consumed is refilled via a floating valve. The energy of the trailing water keeps it cool in the heat and warm in the cold. To ensure frost-free operation at -30°C, there must be at least 15 animals drinking water from that tank. Through the large drain opening, the water tank can be easily cleaned.



At a number of 15-25 cattle, a one-ball tank is sufficient, providing a volume of 40 liters of water. For herds larger than 25, up to 40, there is a 2-balls tank, in which case the volume increases up to 75l.


Our group of companies offers the full range of services and activities required for the Angus cattle production system. Our technical requirement proposal is tailored to each case, taking into account the characteristics and needs of each partner farm and the number of heads in its herd.


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